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Home Occupation Permit Application

A home occupation is defined as an accessory use of a residential structure for any gainful occupation or profession which meets the following criteria as detailed in the City of Denham Springs Code of Ordinances, Appendix B. Zoning Regulations, Sec. 2.11. Home occupation permitted.

Applicant Information

Provisions and Limitations

Comprehensive Zoning Regulations, Section 19.05(1)(a)

One sign shall be allowed not exceeding two (2) square feet in area, identifying a dwelling, its occupant, its location or a customary incidental home occupation, as follows:

Number of Signs: One (1) per Premises
Number of Sign Sides: Two (2) per sign
Maximum Size: Two (2) Square Feet
Permit Required: No
Setback: Outside of right-of-way
Illumination: None

A home occupation permit will be issued by the building official for any home occupation meeting these guidelines. If any variance is required, it will be issued by the board of aldermen after receiving a recommendation from the zoning commission.

In general, the following uses will be allowed as a home occupation; custom dress making, millinery, tailoring, sewing of custom apparel and custom home furnishing, laundering and ironing, fine arts studio, offices for professionals, child day care with no more than three children and in accordance with state laws and regulations; tutoring with not more than four students simultaneously, and in general such other activities that do not conflict with other sections of this ordinance.

I certify that the information provided on this application for a Home Occupation Permit is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further certify that I understand that any information provided on this application, pertaining to the business that I propose to conduct which is found to be false, will result in this application or resulting permit being voided.

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