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About the Office of Planning and Development

Ensuring development in the City of Denham Springs aligns with our standards and vision is the responsibility of our Planning and Development Office. They oversee building construction, inspections, floodplain and stormwater management, and compliance with building regulations. They also manage subdivision development, zoning issues, and conduct condemnations. Our team works closely with developers, architects, and city officials to maintain the integrity of our city.

Our Services

We provide building codes and regulations to contractors, builders, and developers, ensuring all projects are up to code. Our services include project reviews, permit issuing, inspections, construction monitoring, and licensing verifications.

Floodplain Management

Our office is also responsible for floodplain management, including determining Base Flood Elevations (BFE), Flood Zone Determination with the Map Panel Number, and managing the Community Rating System (CRS).


2022 Phase II MS4 Annual Report (revised 7-20-23)

Phase II MS4 Annual Report for the year 2022 – 2023 (revised).

Affidavit and Certification of Inspection

Document serves as an affidavit and certification by the owner or contractor, stating that a particular property inspection has been conducted in compliance with the prescribed codes.

Affidavit Claiming Exemption from Licensure

Affidavit for individuals claiming exemption from contractor licensure when applying for a building permit in Louisiana, affirming their understanding of laws, regulations, and penalties related to misrepresentation.

Application for Approval of Final Plat

Application for approval of the final plat of the subdivision of land.

Application for Approval of Preliminary Subdivision Plan

Application for approval of preliminary subdivision plan.

Approved Reviewing Engineer Firms

Outlines the process for obtaining approval of civil construction drawings. It mandates the use of a certified engineer and details the progression from plan submission to permitting.

Building Permit Agreement and Inspection Schedule

Building Permit Agreement and Inspection Schedule detailing procedures and responsibilities for a builder/contractor applying for building permit.

Certificate of Landscape Completion

Certificate for the completion of the installation of landscaping projects.

Coastal Construction Manual

FEMA/DHS Coastal Construction Manual: Principles and practices of planning, siting, designing, constructing, and maintaining residential buildings in coastal areas.

Construction Codes, Editions, and Design Criteria

Applicable LSUCCC construction codes, editions, and design criterial (IRC Table R301.2, Manual J, etc.).

Contractor License Application

Document explains the contractor license application process in Denham Springs, LA.

Contraflow Map

GOHSEP resource infographic on contraflow.

Elevated Residential Structures

FEMA/DHS document on residential structures (FEMA-54, 1984).

Elevation Certificate (City Form: Proposed and Top-of-Form)

The City of Denham Springs proposed elevation certificate and top-of-form (under construction) form; used for all new construction and elevation of existing structures.

Elevation Certificate (During Construction and Final)

FEMA/DHS document resource on elevation certificates and instructions during construction and final (FEMA, 2019).

Elevation Certificates

The document lists addresses with available elevation certificates as of January 23, 2023.

Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Management Manual

Construction site guidance manual on stormwater management (November 1, 2017).

Fence Regulations and Submittal Form

Provides an outline of the City of Denham Springs' zoning ordinances for constructing fences, including permit requirements, fence height restrictions, materials, and exception scenarios

Flood Zone Determination Form

Request form for flood zone determination.

Floodplain Management Brochure

Information on floodplain management, including flood hazards, insurance, maintenance, development permits, and relevant regulations.

Free Standing Sign Diagrams

Monument and Pole sign diagrams for businesses other than shopping centers and multi-tenant properties.

General Notice to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Homeowners

Submission requirements for building permit applications, including civil and architectural requirements, determination of minimum floor elevation, and necessary clearances from various city departments and state agencies.

Landscape Ordinance

An ordinance outlining guidelines for promoting high-quality urban design and preserving natural resources in Denham Springs.

Louisiana Emergency Evacuation Map

GOHSEP document showing Louisiana's Emergency Evacuation Map (GOHSEP).

Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide

Louisiana State GOHSEP guide on emergency preparedness (GOHSEP, 2016).

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Information

FEMA/DHS document provides answers to your questions regarding the National Flood Insurance Program (2022).

Non-Engineered Opening Guide

A guide to help comply with and document Non-Engineered Flood Openings requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program.

On Building Sign Diagram

Guidelines and regulations for displaying different types of signs in commercial districts.

Permit Application B (Building/Development)

Application for development permit.

Permit Application D (Demolition)

Details how to obtain a demolition permit.

Permit Application E (Electrical)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application G (Generators)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application H (Home Occupation)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application M (Mechanical)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application O (Occupancy)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application P (Plumbing)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application RM (Replacement Mobile Home)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application S (Sign)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application TH (Temporary Housing)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Application TO (Temporary Occupancy)

Provides guidelines on how to acquire permit.

Permit Fee Schedule

Document delineates the fee schedule for various permits and services related to building, zoning, and development in the city.

Permit Requirements (Generators)

Required submittals for Generator Permit.

Permit Requirements (Residential Accessory Structure or Building Addition)

Provides an overview of the drawings and information required to obtain a permit for constructing an accessory structure or a building addition.

Permit Requirements (Swimming Pool or Spa)

Provides a detailed list of requirements and considerations for constructing a swimming pool or spa.

Petition for Zoning Amendment

Application for changing lot zoning district or changing zoning regulations.

Petition for Zoning Variance

Application for variance in zoning ordinance requirements.

Project Folder Checklist

Comprehensive Project Folder Checklist for construction projects in the City of Denham Springs.

Properties Not Gutted Reference (2018)

Denham Springs properties not gutted (January 2, 2018).

Protecting Building Utility Systems From Flood Damage

FEMA/DHS document on the principless and practices for the design and construction of flood resistant building utility systems (FEMA-P-348, 2017).

Protecting Floodplain Resources

FEMA/DHS document guide for communities on protecting floodplain resources (FEMA-268, 1996).

Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods And Hazards

FEMA/DHS document on protecting manufactured homes from floods and hazards; a multi-hazard foundation and installation guide (FEMA P-85, 2009).

Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding

FEMA/DHS document resource for communities on reducing damage from localized flooding (FEMA-511, 2005).

Residential Building Setbacks Diagram

Diagram showing residential building setbacks.

Residential Energy Conservation Certificate

Certificate under the 2012 International Residential Code Section N1101.16

Right of Entry Form

Right of entry on private property for debris removal work (FEMA DR-4277).

Sign Calculation Worksheet for Commercial Districts

Outlines the necessary procedures and requirements for proposing and submitting commercial district sign projects.

Temp Cut-In (TCI) For Electrical Service - Affidavit

Legal affidavit to be executed by the owner/tenant, building contractor, and electrical contractor in connection with a building being constructed under a specific building and electrical permit.

Total Duct Leakage Verification Form

To verify the total duct leakage in a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system installed in a building.

Uniform Construction Code

Denham Springs uniform construction code (LAC 55:VI.301 and 901).

Zoning Map

The City of Denham Springs Zoning Map (March 11, 2015).

Useful Links

Amite River Gauge

NOAA resource for accessing real-time, observational data specifically for the Amite River Gauge located at Florida Blvd.

Amite River Hydrological Data

Access real-time hydrological data by station, including gage height, elevation, stream water levels, and discharge rates.

ARBC Flood Inundation Map Viewer

Amite River Basin Commission (ARBC) Flood Inundation Map interactive viewer.

Code of Ordinances

The City of Denham Springs Code of Ordinances.


Official site of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Get a Game Plan

Louisiana State GOHSEP resource to help improve disaster preparedness.

GOHSEP Emergency

Louisiana State GOHSEP resource for important emergency contacts.

Hazards and Threats

LSU Ag Center online resource for natural disasters.

ICC Coverage

FEMA/DHS resources and information regarding Increased Cost of Coverage (ICC).

LA Homeowners Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards

Sea Grant Louisiana's digital handbook provides homeowners with effective strategies for mitigating natural hazards.

Louisiana Flood Maps

LSU Ag Center online resource to view Louisiana's Flood Maps.

Mitigation of FLood and Erosion Damage to Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas

FEMA/DHS resource containing all of FEMA’s hazard-specific guidance that focuses on creating hazard-resistant communities.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

The National Flood Insurance Program provides insurance to help reduce the socio-economic impact of floods.

NFIP Resources

DOTD on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


FEMA/DHS resources and information for emergencies and disaster preparedness.

Reduce Flood Risk

ASFPM resource identifying actions to lower flood risks


The University of New Orleans (UNO) online resource on applied research and community strategies for sustainability and resilience against various hazard risks.


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